Revofil by Caregen is the very first kind of dermal fillers with biomimetic peptides and cross-linked HA designed for face and tissue remodeling such as reducing wrinkles.This dermal fillers are biodegradable in the body and contains innovative active ingredients, which increases skin tightness and lifts the skin. The fillers are ideal for aged skin that aim to achieve a natural and younger looking appearance.

The aesthetic effects achieved by products in the Revofil range is immediate. Results can last 10-12 months.


this dermal fillers has both biphasic and monophasic physical characteristics as a result of cutting edge biomimetic peptide technology and cross-linked HA. The combination provides high quality gel with improved elasticity and viscosity, which extend its lifetime. In addition, this combination promotes collagen synthesis, anti-wrinkle effects and skin firmness.

The range consists of:

Revofil Fine is ideal for filling fine lines and surface wrinkles on both face and the body.

Revofil Plus is used for filling deep to moderate wrinkles and lines such as hollow cheeks, forehead and lip augmentation.

Revofil Ultra is designed to redefine facial contour and corrects deep wrinkles like the forehead, nose bridge and jaw.

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