30 Needles per pack

Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedles is a new penetration technology that is designed to inject NCTF 135HA into the dermis with controlled intradermal delivery.

The Nanosoft Microneedle is an innovative single use medical device, which enables a nearly painless and accurate injection into the dermis. The microneedle is made up of 3 silicone micro-cones of 0,6 mm, making the needle three times smaller than a normal injection needle. Furthermore, the needle improves patient comfort and minimizes the risk of bruising.

Nanosoft is ideal for treating eyelids, crows’ feet and the neck.

The pack consists of:

  • 30 x Needles


Benefits of Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedles:

  • Three times smaller than a normal injection needle
  • Improvs patient comfort and allows an accurate injection
  • Ideal for treating eyelidsNanosoft Microneedles – Description
    The Nanosoft Microneedles from the Fillmed laboratory (formerly Filorga) come from an anti-ageing innovation which allow the treatment without pain, marks or buises of the effects of skin ageing. This product can be used on the entire face but also on more sensitive parts, such as crow’s feet, the peri-oral area, the neck or even the neckline.


    Thanks to its micro-needles of 0.6mm, the injection with Nanosoft Microneedles Fillmed is fine and precise in order to optimise the results obtained. To revitalise the skin effectively, it is essential to properly inject into the correct part of the dermis to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. This is the reason why Fillmed has created Nanosoft Microneedles. These precise needles provide unmatched tolerance for the comfort of both the patient and the practitioner.


    This product is ideal for the injection of HA such as the NCTF 135 or the NCTF 135 HA or other products of the Filorga / Fillmed range. Although the NCTF 135HA is not a recent product, its use with these Nanosoft needles is very innovative. When they are combined during a rejuvenation session, they ensure maximum safety, efficiency and patient satisfaction.


    Nanosoft needles must be used by a professional authorised to inject fillers with hyaluronic acid. It is usually recommended to get the advice of a doctor before starting cosmetic treatment to ensure that you do not present any contraindications.



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