Type: Laser Beauty Equipment
Theory: Laser
Application: Salon
Laser Type: Diode Laser


Where to buy laser hair removal machine cheap. Looking at a laser hair removal machine for sale online can be a pretty daunting task but with the right model for the right reasons, this expense can turn into a huge financial investment for you and your business.

If you want to have a better and more professional diode laser hair removal machine, the diode laser hair removal equipment from Global Aesthetic Supplies will be your best choice.

It is suitable for hair removal on the armpit, limbs, face, lips, and other areas with excessive body hair. Since it uses professional diode laser technology, the hair removal machine is suitable for people with darker skin and hair.

Like most other pieces of equipment for your salon, a diode laser hair removal machine represents a significant financial investment. Once you have made your decision, you are likely to be stuck in an operating lease which will be extremely difficult to extricate yourself from.

Here are some of our advice to make sure that your equipment purchase will become an asset for your salon:

1. Get It Right The First Time

Buying a professional laser hair removal machine is a huge investment for your business. Since it involves a lot of money, you want to make sure that the machine you’ll be purchasing is the right fit for your salon.

There are tons of factors that you should consider when purchasing laser hair removal equipment. Looking through the best professional hair removal machine 2020 lists is a great way to narrow down your options.

2. Find The Balance Between Effectivity And Profit

While the clinical result is paramount, we are in this business to make money.

So when you are choosing which laser hair removal machine is right for you, the financial viability and profitability of each machine you are looking at will be a critical factor for the success of your new laser hair removal business.

In short, you are looking for the “biggest bang for your buck” which in turn will give you the largest return on investment.

3. Know The Technology Behind Your Machine

Even if the nature of different laser hair removal equipment is technically the same, they employ different technologies that make each of them more effective than the next.

When looking for a professional laser hair removal machine for sale for your salon, you essentially want a machine that is flexible for all skin and hair types to accommodate every customer that comes into your establishment.

The diode laser hair removal equipment from PrettyLaser is a great example.

Different people may have different skin colors so in order to achieve the best hair removal effect, one of the laser hair removal machines offered by PrettyLaser has a technical, intelligent skin color detection system.

You can select skin colors on the touchscreen, according to different skin color tones, so you can epilate at home or your beauty salon like an expert!

4. Optimize Your Procedure Volume And Revenue Potential

Even if you’re using laser hair removal equipment in your salon that makes things less tedious and more efficient, there are still some variables that you need to take into consideration during different hair removal procedures. These variables should be kept in mind when looking for a laser hair removal machine for sale.

When it comes to the equipment, one of these variables is having a larger treatment head. When using a hair removal machine, the delivery of light across the entire treatment area (especially over larger areas such as the back) is more uniform and less likely to create uneven results if a larger treatment head is used.

Another advantage of larger treatment heads is that their depth of penetration can be greater than that of smaller sizes.

On the other hand, the treatment procedures that your salon is going to offer should also be taken into consideration. Larger treatment areas like the back and legs tend to be the most profitable, but are also considered to most tedious. Before nurses didn’t like to do these procedures and in some cases resisted them altogether – typically citing wrist fatigue, sore shoulders, and lower backaches.

This can be solved by picking the right laser hair removal equipment. With PrettyLasers’s larger spot size of 12*20mm²/23*40mm² and so on, which is among the biggest diode laser hair removal machines, this makes it an all-around machine that can handle larger treatment areas with ease.

This contributes a lot to a higher revenue per hour. The procedure is much faster and requires less effort by the hair nurse. Meanwhile, saving your treatment time can treat more customers for your beauty salons or clinics.

Plus, because of the shorter treatment times, you don’t have to charge as much. This makes your hair removal treatment at your salon highly competitive with other spas.

If your machine can effectively reduce your prices down to half without sacrificing the quality of its results, this makes your procedure more affordable and more attractive to customers. This will help you build a formidable clientele that is loyal to your beauty salon.

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