SoftFil® Classic 22G 40 MM is a sterile, single use medical device designed for volumizing in areas such as the cheeks, chin and contour, and should be injected into the deep to medium dermis.

The range of SoftFil® Classic micro-cannulas is ideal for certified medical practitioners – beginners as well as experiences users. The cannulas are developed after the renowned Soft Filling Technique. All SoftFil® Classic cannulas have been tested from a rheological and clinical viewpoint with all fillers available on the market as well as for PRP.


The box contains:

  • 20 x 40 mm (1 ½ inch) cannulas, Internal caliber Large
  • 20 x 22G Needles


Techniques: Volumizing, deep nappage

Areas: Jowl, cheek, chin and contour

Injection depth: Deep to medium (Periosteum, deep and hypodermis)

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