SoftFil® Classic 22G 50 MM is a sterile, single use medical device designed for volumizing in areas such as the jowl, cheeks, chin and hands, and should be injected into the deep to medium dermis.

The range of SoftFil® Classic micro-cannulas should be used by certified medical practitioners – beginners as well as experiences users. The cannulas are developed after the renowned Soft Filling Technique and has been tested from a rheological and clinical viewpoint with all fillers available on the market as well as for PRP.


The box contains:

  • 20 x 50 mm (2 inch) cannulas, Internal caliber Large
  • 20 x 22G Needles


Techniques: Volumizing, deep nappage

Areas: Jowl, cheek, chin, contour and hands

Injection depth: Deep to medium (Periosteum, deep and hypodermis)

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