SoftFil® Easyguide 25G 50MM x 6,8MM is a sterile, single use medical device designed for making micro-cannula injections faster, easier and more precise. It allows to gently guiding the cannula into the adapted injection level via its open axis while being in smooth contact with the patient’s skin.
The cannulas are ideal for volumizing in areas such as the forehead, chin area and hands.

SoftFil® Easyguide is a revolution in cannula injections. The V-shape makes it an easy and precisely procedure ideal for fast, safe and successful injections. This “pilote needle” combines the gesture of creating a pre-hole (insertion point) and injecting with the micro-cannula.


The box contains:

  • 20 x 25G 50 mm (2 inch) cannulas, Internal caliber XL
  • 20 x 6,8 mm Easyguide pilote needles


Techniques: Volumizing and deep nappage

Areas: Forehead, Chin area, Temples, Zygomatic area, Decolté and hands.

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